What The Giving Exchange is All About

What The Giving Exchange is All About

The Giving Exchange is dedicated to improving the lives of people in need. The communities we support don’t have access to basic human needs, such as clean water and food supplies. TGE projects provide people with resources that are not only dearly needed but also sustainable.

Past TGE projects have included training programs, chicken coops, biogas systems, and many other successful projects. The Giving Exchange’s goal is to leave communities with tools for a better life.

The Giving Exchange is able to complete all of these amazing projects because of our volunteers and donors. TGE is incredibly thankful for all of the people working to support our mission and welcomes you to join the community!

Seven young girls
The Giving Exchange supports education by building libraries and donating school supplies.

Become a Volunteer for Good

The Giving Exchange is always looking for more volunteers. TGE is growing, and with that growth comes more opportunities for people to give back their time and skills to others.

If you want to Become a Volunteer, tell us a bit about yourself and where you’d like to help out!

Support a Project with a Donation

Another way to get involved with TGE is to donate a gift for one of our projects. Without donors we would not be able to raise the funds needed to offer help to impoverished communities. Any amount is greatly appreciated, and one hundred percent of your donation will go toward helping people in need.

Stay Up to Date on TGE Projects

Follow along with TGE projects and goals through our social media platforms! We will be posting daily updates on our Facebook Page during our trip to Kenya this August. Be sure to check out how the projects are going and engage with our volunteers!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about The Giving Exchange! We are more than happy to provide more information on our mission, projects, and people.