Healthcare for Children
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Healthcare for Children

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The Doctor@School is Aarogya Seva’s flagship Comprehensive Child Health Program (CCHP) with strong support from Pediatricians, Volunteers, Counsellors, Institutions and Government agencies. The comprehensive nature of the program is innovative in that it brings year-round health and health education to children in often marginalized communities. With a commitment to ensuring continuity of care, community and student engagement, maintaining robust health records and impact assessment, this program hopes to augment every child's health, knowledge and productivity, ensure that no child is left behind and do so, in a sustainable manner. Just $10 can help sponsor the healthcare needs of a child for a whole year under this program and can give him/her a stronger, healthier tomorrow. There are over 5,000 children enrolled in this program and every dollar counts. You can also choose to sponsor a First Aid kit for each of these schools which will be handed over as part of a basic First Aid training session carried out for the teachers by our volunteer team. ABOUT AAROGYA SEVA: GLOBAL HEALTH VOLUNTEER ALLIANCE. They are a nonprofit, transnational, humanitarian, micro-volunteering platform aiming to provide access to quality healthcare services to underserved communities in need through a model of flexibility, shared responsibility and a spirit of service.