Kiambu Music Program
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Kiambu Music Program

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The Giving Exchange (TGE) aims to support music programs in seven public schools in Kiambu county, Kenya in 2019. Most public schools in this area cannot afford instruments and instructors to teach music studies to their students. By providing instruments, instructors, and a safe academic environment, TGE, along with Kiambu Constituency and Morning Star Ministries, are giving children in the community the opportunity to explore musical education and develop new skills. The Kiambu Music Program will first be introduced to seven public primary schools with approximately 600 students per school. This program intends to benefit more than 4,000 Kenyan students each year. TGE is looking to collect donated instruments for the Kiambu Music Program. A list of the needed instruments is below, however, if you do not have access to musical instruments, we are also accepting donations to assist with acquiring the needed equipment and covering the logistical costs of the project. To donate instruments to the Kiambu Music Program, or if you have knowledge on school music programs, please contact us via Total Number of Each Instrument Needed to Supply All Seven Schools:
    • 140 recorders
    • 70 guitars
    • 70 pianos
    • 70 violins
    • 35 trumpets
    • 35 trombones
    • 35 cornets
    • 14 cymbals
    • 14 snare drums
    • 14 drumsets
    • 7 crash
    • 7 bass drum
TGE has already received a majority of the funds needed to support the initiative, but still need to raise $15,000 to cover the rest of the costs. You can read more about the project and the benefits of musical education in the post TGE Supports Kiambu Music Program.