Here at The Giving Exchange we strive to be completely transparent about all of our activities. Below we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions, which we’ve broken into four categories: Volunteering, Donations, Mission, and Project Trips.

The Giving Exchange always welcomes people interested in volunteering. We are always looking for people to attend our project trips and help with fundraisers as well as fill some of our remote volunteer positions. To learn about our latest needs, please fill out the form on our Volunteer Page.

Time commitments are up to you. You can volunteer to organize a fundraiser or donate one hour a week to creating content for our website. Whatever time you’re able to give we are happy to accept.

Our trips to Kenya are open to everyone. We usually schedule them for the month of August every year. If you’re interested in coming with us on our next adventure, please fill out the form on our Volunteer Page.

Yes, TGE needs volunteers for online marketing, partner development, and fundraising. All of these positions can be filled remotely. TGE consists of an international team. We have volunteers working with us from all across the United States, and also from Europe and South America. As a volunteer, you can contribute anywhere and anytime, and our debrief meetings are held via Skype.

Most of our volunteer work is done remotely, however, we occasionally have odd jobs to do at our base in Walnut Creek, California. These tasks mainly consist of preparation for the trip to Kenya. If this interests you, please fill out the form on our Volunteer Page.

Yes, donations are tax-deductible. TGE is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and qualifies for tax-deductible donations.

All of our administrative costs are covered by our Board Members; therefore 100% of every donation we receive goes straight towards the project.

By transferring the high capital gain of your stock to TGE, you can actually write the inflated number off of your taxes. Email us if you want more information!
Account name: The Giving Exchange
Account Number: 491203110 TD Ameritrade DTC – 0188

The types of projects we do vary according to the need and opportunity presented to us. We focus on self-sustainable programs, such as building chicken coops, greenhouses and a dairy production.

These projects not only generate income, which can help provide for the children’s daily needs, but they also teach the community valuable lessons in creating and managing sustainable resources. We have also worked to supply basic needs, such as digging a well for constant fresh clean water.

We also believe in the importance of education. We have provided 12 different schools and orphanages with brand new libraries, new school supplies, and new uniforms.

Our projects serve to help communities become self-sustainable and fulfilled. For example, the chicken coop we built at Morning Star Children’s Home was highly beneficial.

The orphanage had a constant supply of chicken meat, and a lot of children had an improvement in health and weight. The income generated from the coop served to cover school fees, medical bills, and staff salaries.

Also, the libraries we built across Nairobi helped improve the children’s scores by an average of 7% for the first trimester.

With the help of our local partners, our team regularly follows up on each project and creates reports on the work being done and the impact we’ve had. Our trip to Kenya also serves as a time to observe first-hand the results of each project.

For the moment, most of our work has been done in Kenya, but we are open to pursuing projects in other locations. We have had the opportunity to support an EcoVillage in Uganda, a clinic in Congo, and to create an aviation scholarship program in the United States.

We are planning two trips to Kenya in 2019, which include three weeks in August 18-25, 2019 and one week in August 26 – September 2, 2019.

For the moment, the project trip occurs once a year, usually during the month of August.

Volunteers are responsible for covering all their trip expenses. This includes airfare, transportation, meals, board, etc. Many of our volunteers fundraise to pay for their trip.

There are many outlets available for fundraising from traditional methods, such as a bake sale, events, and asking for donations. Other fundraising methods include Facebook Fundraisers, partnering with restaurants, yard sales, and much more.

The per diem cost once in Kenya varies between 50 to 100 dollars, depending on the activities planned and projects we support during the year.

During TGE trips we complete the projects we’ve been fundraising for throughout the year. These projects range from building sustainable structures, like water tanks and chicken coops, to offering training for skill development, and supplying needed materials.

The trip can be a total of two to three weeks. People usually volunteer for one week of the trip and complete three to five projects during their stay.

If you would like to sign-up for our next trip to Kenya, click here.

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