New Project Submission Form

New Project Submission Form

The Giving Exchange is excited to announce we have developed a new Sustainable Project Submission Form. The form will collect detailed information about the proposed project as well as information about the organization in need.

In the past, many of TGE’s projects have been developed through word of mouth. Our partners in Kenya would pass along information about organizations in need of water tanks, school supplies, and other necessities. The groups we have supported over the years received a lot of beneficial support from our organization, but we recognize the need for a more formal submission process.

Submission Form Details

The submission form can be found on our website under the Contact Us tab on the menu bar. The application will collect detailed information about each project, including:

  • Applicant organization information – contact details, number of staff and volunteers, etc.
  • Projects currently in progress by the organization.
  • Sustainable proposal including a full project description and expected results.
  • Physical information of available land or space for project.
  • Resources needed to complete the project including funds, tools, etc.

Collecting this information will allow us to choose the organizations and projects in most need of our support. If you have any questions or comments about our new project submission form, please don’t hesitate to reach out through our Contact Us page.