Alissa Mickels Pelatan

“With The Giving Exchange, we are sowing and watering seeds. I’m looking forward to the day when the seeds grow into trees and bear fruit.”

Africa holds a big piece of Alissa’s heart. While working in Kenya in 2001, she developed a deep affection and respect for the people. “I love the people and admire their ability to love unconditionally, finding happiness in the small things regardless of their circumstances.”

Although Alissa practices international law and is a member of the California, District of Columbia and Paris Bar Associations, she considers her work with The Giving Exchange and other non-profit organizations her true calling. Social responsibility is an essential part of her practice, so she volunteers her services to many non-profits including Amnesty International, Droit d’Urgence (legal aid), Hastings Refugee & Human Rights Clinic and the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant (immigration clinic).

Alissa’s involvement in Africa has taught her that regardless of what you do in life, what matters most is that you share your love with others.