Board Member

James Carlin

“It’s a deeply humbling experience to help children of profound need and hardship. They have been through unspeakable tragedies and yet, here they are, singing.”

Jim Carlin has always been a giver—volunteering his time for inner city outreach programs, spearheading a nursing home visitation program, serving on the board of a private Christian school, and even acting as an assistant football coach for the local college. It’s in his nature to inspire people and help them reach their fullest potential.

Jim was deeply moved by the harsh realities he witnessed in Nairobi: mazes of tin shacks with dirt floors; no access to fresh, clean water; overwhelming poverty. Everywhere he looked, orphaned children were suffering from hunger, HIV and other diseases. Jim was devastated, but he refused to give up hope. “With The Giving Exchange, we are meaningfully participating and actively engaged in helping people of profound need and hardship. I know that all we do goes directly to helping them. Giving hope and sharing our love with these communities is the greatest reward of all.”

Serving justice and affirming human dignity has always been important to Jim. Throughout his long career as a trial lawyer in Iowa, and today as a Senator for District 3 in the Iowa State Senate, Jim cultivates positive change by empowering individuals and the communities in which they live.