TGE Impacts Over 3000 People

TGE Impacts Over 3000 People

The Giving Exchange has impacted approximately 3,075 people. These sustainable structures and educational programs TGE supports will continue to help communities for years to come. You can learn about more TGE projects on the TGE website.

Choosing a Project

The Giving Exchange works with local contacts in Kenya to learn about new projects and communities in need. Our partners at Morning Star and Holding Hands provide TGE with detailed information about groups’ needs and abilities for sustainable programs.

TGE is working on a development program submission form. The forms will collect future project leads. Every group will have to submit an official project request when the form is complete. The form will contain specific key questions that will help us analyze the group’s need and the feasibility of a project with them.

Future Projects

Twenty-one volunteers participated in this year’s TGE Project Trip. We want to continue to see this number grow and hope many of you can participate in next year’s 2019 TGE Trip.

The project trip is a really great opportunity to give back to those in need. Check out the 2018 Weekly Trip Summaries on the blog or scroll through the trip posts on Facebook to get a feel for what you could experience next year.

The 2019 Projects will be determined by early 2019. In the meantime, TGE still has projects that need your support, such as a Fish Farm and Small Business Development.