Volunteering as a Family

Volunteering as a Family

Volunteering on your own is a rewarding experience. Volunteering as a family is a great way to bring your loved ones together for a meaningful cause.

The Hagen family has experienced the gift of giving back first hand through TGE project trips. “[The TGE trip] was incredible to experience with our kids and even more fulfilling the second time,” said Susan Hagen.

In 2017, Susan Hagen, her husband, Drew, and their two kids, Madelynn and Blair, participated in the TGE project trip. This year, only Susan and Drew went on the trip as their children had prior commitments.

“The biggest benefit of volunteering as a family is to have such an intensely gratifying shared experience… You have to experience it to really understand it,” Hagen said. “Doing this together is family bonding at its highest level. Memories that will last a lifetime.”

volunteers with children
Susan Hagen (left) and daughter, Madelynn (right) , play with children from Morning Star.

3 Reasons to Volunteer as a Family

Consider volunteering with TGE for your next family activity. We’ve listed three reasons to volunteer as a family below for you to consider.

1. Learn the Value of Giving Back

Giving back to those who are less fortunate can teach your children the benefits of helping others. You and your family will experience the impact nonprofit and charity work can have in underprivileged communities.

2. Teach Teamwork

Teamwork is a skill your children will need throughout their lives. By joining the TGE project trip team, your family can learn how to work with an organization to accomplish amazing goals. You’ll make new friends and develop new connections throughout your time spent with TGE.

3. Spend Quality Time Together

In our busy world it’s becoming more difficult to spend quality time together. Volunteering as a family will allow you to reconnect with your loved ones as well as create lasting memories of a truly meaningful trip.

“These children just want to spend time with you,” Susan Hagen said, “This is very grounding as we get caught up in a lot of bells and whistles here at home when, truly, the simplest of things are the most meaningful.”

To learn more about volunteering with TGE or attending the 2019 project trip, please visit our volunteer page or visit us on Facebook.